The Living Story in Guild Wars 2


    The job of the Living Story team is to bring the world to life. On an ongoing basis, we’ll spin out story threads that will introduce you to new heroic characters, mysterious plot twists, and dramatic moments that affect the world.


    You’ll discover new dynamic events—some that will change Tyria—and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in history in the making.


    If you love interactive stories and find the inhabitants of Tyria interesting, then this content is for you. It’s designed to change up what’s happening in the world and to add to the evolving story and challenge of the game. None of this is required content you need to play in order to level your character. But, fair warning: once you meet these characters and learn their stories, you may find yourself logging in more regularly to see how it’s all turning out! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hee.)


    The Living Story is simultaneously transitory and permanent. As the story arcs play out, the tale evolves. Each portion of the Living Story narrative will only be available for a certain period of time, yet it will have repercussions in the world and upon the people living in it. The occurrences in the Living Story leave their mark—both scars and flowerbeds—and these wounds and blessings are permanent.