The Old Republic: Beginner’s Guide for Jedi Consular

I believe lot of star wars players like to play a Jedi Consular, here we will give you the beginner guides you may need.


  • Playing as a Jedi Consular relies more on your capacity to problem-solve and investigate the surrounding areas. Choosing this class allows you to focus more on the mechanics of gameplay rather than just combat and survival.
  • Consular’s have the ability to bend the Force more extensively than the other Jedi classes. This allows you to perform a variety of creative strikes that include raising enemies into the air and slamming them to the ground.
  • Since Jedi Consulars are designed to complete challenges with patience and the path of least resistance, your rate of survival increases tenfold if each obstacle is approached strategically.


  • Dueling with a double-bladed lightsaber requires the highest level of skill in order to block and strike effectively against Sith enemies.
  • The majority of a Jedi Consular’s maneuvers drain your Force bar, which refills at a sluggish rate. This restricts your freedom in attacking as often as possible with whatever ability you’d like to utilize.
  • Due to the shortage of battle scenarios, this class’ adventure tends to move at a tedious pace. This makes it less preferable to those who favor gameplay over story
Story Introduction:

As a Consular on the planet of Tython, you are charged with locating a collection of ancient recordings for the Jedi Council. When you discover that all but one of the artifacts is accounted for, the next stage of your quest begins. Using your knowledge of the Force, search the planet’s surface for answers and uncover the evil presence responsible for this crime against the Jedi.


  • Cyborg
  • Human
  • Mirialan
  • Zabrak