The Old Republic: Beginner’s Guide for Trooper


The blaster rifle assigned to each Trooper, allows you to mow down multiple targets at long-range. This advantage is best utilized when trying to thin out a large group of enemies before they can combine and focus their firepower against you.

Troopers have the freedom to choose their method of completing an objective without any moral consequences, resulting in a more personal and customized gameplay experience. In other words, it’s your decision as to whether a situation is handled through an abuse of power or strict official procedure.

Members of this class are also armed with grenades that will stick to an enemy’s body and damage any of his teammates in close-proximity to the blast.

A Trooper’s rifle can be modified to fire highly explosive grenades, allowing for an increase in accuracy and the amount of damage inflicted.


While Troopers do possess a devastating melee strike, executing it requires moving into a disadvantageous close-range position and attacking a limited number of enemies.

What is the Opening Story---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As a newly inducted member of the Havoc squadron, you must patrol and protect the planet of Ord Mantell to hone the Trooper’s combat skills. The opening missions of this world involve mostly keeping the peace, whether it be hunting down radical insurgents or locating weapons of mass destruction.