The reasons why you should come back to WOW

If you have ever quit WOW, then it’s time you come back to it with Warlords of Draenor, releasing on November 13. This is gonna be the best World of Warcraft expansion yet. Why?


You are able to boost to level 90.

You don’t have to spend weeks just leveling up. You are granted a free level 90 boost to any new or existing characters. 

There is nostalgia everywhere.

WOD is set 35 years ago, so you can even meet those heroes and villains started with Warcraft III. For those who are followers of WOW, this is definitely the biggest of nostalgic train rides. Furthermore, with the tenth anniversary, nostalgia becomes an important part of WOD, which you can learn from the documentary World of Warcraft: Looking for Group.  

New character models.

As you can see, the player models, even many of the NPCs, are brought up to date with the latest technology. There will be more robust facial features and expressions, and more detailed with muscle definition and skin tone. 

Getting a group for anything is quick and easy.

The new system allows players to advertise your group to anyone on in your server cluster and no matter what you want to do, for example, looking for help with an elite quest mob, or forming a raid into the daring depths of highmaul on Heroic difficulty, you can just look for group (LFG) for these.

You will be the owner of your garrison.

Garrisons are not just houses—they are your sanctuaries and very practical. You can put down various sizes of specialized buildings to help your endeavours and still many more to explore.


Yet the best part is still waiting for you to experience. Join it, on Nov, 13, 2014.