Things you can do after hitting level 100

I believe, to hit level 100 was the very first thing wow players did when WOD came out. Congratulations you have made it. But as most players said, this is not the end, but the beginning. What to do next is the more exciting part. Maybe you are wondering and are confused about the next step. Here is a list telling you where you can go and what you can do.

1. Pick your level 100 talent
Don’t forget you will get a new talent when you hit level 100.

2. Max out your garrison
Your garrison can be upgraded to level 3 after you hit level 100, but you won’t get enough resources for it immediately. So you have to grind out as many resources as possible to afford your garrison. About how to quickly get garrison resources, you can read 

3. Hunt for treasure
This is not only about garrison resources, but also gold, archeology fragments, toys, pets... basically, just about anything you might want. Hidden treasures and secrets are almost everywhere in Draenor.

4. Gear up!

You need an ilvl of 610 to do some heroic dungeons and even higher ilvl for other raids. Anyway, the higher ilvl is, the better.

5. Start hoarding Apexis Crystals
Do dailies in your garrison and pick these up by looking for a new blue exclamation point near your missions table after you upgrade to level 3. This is the easiest way.

6. Collect followers and level them up 
After you have collected enough resources, you can start the fun of managing your followers. Gear them up and improve their quality (from green to blue and blue to purple).

7. Unlock your menagerie for more pet battles
Once you upgrade your garrison to level 3, you'll have the option to open your own pet menagerie. It unlocks unique pet battles in your garrison and improves your traps for easier pet-catching.

8. Head to Ashran
If you're in to PvP, Ashran is the place to do it. Plus PvPers will want to start collecting honor and reputation to grab gear up to ilvl 660 -- and PvEers may find honor gear useful to fill gear slots. And if PvP is your thing, you'll also want to consider building the Gladiator's Sanctum in your garrison, which offers PvP gear at ilvl 600 and up.

9. Solo for transmog, pets, mounts, or achievements you've haven't gotten yet
At level 100, you're better suited than you ever have been to go back and solo old content. If you're a collector of just about anything World of Warcraft has to offer, soloing older dungeons can be a great way to pick up whatever you're missing.