Tips and Tricks Every Guild Wars 2 Player Should Know

Here is a list of tips and tricks we have picked up since playing from the early head start. These tips will get you somemoney quickly, help you avoid some common mistakes that are common in the gameand even help you advance through the game just a bit more quickly. Keep inmind that when this list was put together that prices may be different and itIs always a good idea to do a bit of research before jumping straight in.


1. Buying fine or masterwork gear off thetrading post is the cheapest and most effective way to stay well equipped whileleveling. Get new gear every five or ten levels.


2. Sell any material tier six or lower toget some easy money.


3. Sell any piece of equipment you don’t need -especially level 80 equipment - so long as it makes you at least three silver.Everything else should be salvaged.


4. Sell any level 68 or higher rare as long if it isworth more than the purchase price of a Glob of Ectoplasm. Salvage it if it isless than that price to get ectoplasm to sell or save.


5. If a superior rune or sigil is worth more than theexotic weapon or armor it is attached to salvage it with a Black Lion’s SalvageKit to guarantee getting the rune or sigil as well as other materials.


6. Don’t spend your karma on low levelvendors. Save it for level 80 exotic gear, Obsidian Shards and exclusive armorskins.


7. Edge of the Mists farming is the fastestway to earn Karma in the game.


8. Laurels are best spent on: Heavy Crafting Bags, UnidentifiedDyes, ascended amulets, ascended recipes and Living World rewards.


9. Commendations are used best on: ascendedaccessories, exclusive skins and guild tools.


10. Badges of Honor should be used on: cheap exoticequipment, hard to get skins and the Gift of Battle.


11. Fractal Relics should be used for: 20 slot equipmentboxes, Obsidian Shards and upgradeable back pieces.


12. Pristine Fractal Relics are the cheapest way to getthe exact ascended ring you want. You can also turn one Pristine Fractal Relicinto fifteen normal Fractal Relics.


13. Cheapest way to get to Lion’s Arch at any level isto go to Edge of the Mists from the WvW panel then just head through the Lion’sArch Portal.


14. The PvP Reward Tracks provide the easiest way tostockpile Transmutation Stones and some dungeon skins.


15. You can level a character to 80 bypurely doing WvW, PvP or some Living World updates.


16. Citadel of Flame, Crucible of Eternity, Honor of theWaves and Arah tokens can be used to purchase light armor gloves for thirtytokens. These gloves can be salvaged for silk and ectoplasm to make someserious profit.


17. Every PvE character should have a stockpile of FireElemental Powder and Ogre Pet Whistles for difficult or long boss fights.


18. World events are a great way to get rares to salvageor use. You can find all the world event timers at the wiki 


19. You can make a guild where you are the only member.By spending five gold you can give the guild 2,500 influence so you can upgradeit to have a guild vault. This will increase your personal storage space byfifty slots.


20. Save all the loot boxes and bags you get fromchampions until you are level 80. The items you get scale to your level when you open it and waiting provides you the best chance to get something you need or something to sell.