Top 10 Obsessions in WOW: what do you have?


Top1: Obsession of Jumping.
Jumping, which should be one of the most common actions for WOW players. Actually it would not speed up any at all, however, players would always like to jump on the way, no matter walking or riding, which might make us feel very comfortable.
Could you still remember the crash in WLK? So many people who got to Icecrown were killed by the Lich King because of they like jumping. Maybe you are one of them, aren’t you? Lol!

Top2: Obsession of Riding.
Have you got used to riding to the next destination, even if it’s very close to you? Within the time of reading casting, you might have got there! LOL!

Top3: Obsession of Tidying up.
I think most of WOW players should have had some interfaces, one of most important ones would be Package Tidying-up. As long as we have such assistants, we might get to tidy up the packages as soon as we have gained a new stuff, even if it’s might be thrown away soon in couple of minutes.

Top4: Obsession of Gathering.
As long as you get the points of minerals on the way, you would like to gather them, mining or herb gathering or skinning etc. Sometimes, you might even forget you have never learned such profession skills. LOL!

Top5: Obsession of Killing in a second.
You might feel very confused why not use the skill that could kill the beast in a second when the beast was close to death. You have been waiting to use it on the beasts of full blood bars, haven’t you?

Top6: Obsession of 100% of blood bar.
Have you ever stopped to get some first aids or something to eat to get 100% of blood bar, even if you got 80% of blood bar, even if you were in a very easy situation.

Top7: Obsession of Selling in stacks.
You might have such experiences that you have to sell the materials in stacks on AH. And also there are some rare ones in your bags, have you ever felt any uneasy on getting them sold one by one?

Top8: Obsession of Wearing a shirt.
There is a blanket for an item of uselessness in WOW, shirt. Have you ever been bothered on what kind of shirts you should put on? Or had bought some amazing ones?

Top9: Obsession of Learning.
It might not be very common in this patch any more. However, in the past patches, have you ever tried to learn every profession skill even if you had never used them? Just feel like learning all of them, don't you?
Top10: Obsession of Checking out.
There are so much news in the Trade Channel. Have you got used to clicking “Ctrl” to check out what it looks like, even if it doesn't match your class?

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