Updated Version of SSE-Games and Service for Rating Battle Ground is now Live!!

To show you a better online-shopping enjoyment, under our continuous improvement, a new and special Sse-games is live. To have your approval will be our infinite glory. And at the same time, we offer the new Service for Rating Battle Ground now, feel free to check it on the new SSE-Games.

New PVP Powerleveling on sale

 Rating Battle Ground 2650 Rating   
 Price: € 349.70  Time: 12Hr           

 Hero Title - Speed Pack   
 Price: € 349.00  Time: 12Hr           

 Rating Battle Ground 2200 Rating   
 Price: € 159.00  Time: 12Hr


 Rating Battle Ground 2300 Rating   
 Price: € 199.00  Time: 12Hr       

 Rating Battle Ground 2400 Rating   
 Price: € 249.00  Time: 12Hr          

Any questions, plz contact our live support or add our skype for infos. Skype: sseservice

SSE-games Team