Warlords of Draenor beta shows Robin Williams Genie NPC

From a report by wowhead, we can see that Warlords of Draenor beta has showed the Robin Williams memorial, which proves that Blizzard has kept its word since after Williams' death last month, Blizzard confirmed that it would memorialize him in WoW and it did. 

Here are the screenshots.

According to wowhead, you can summon Robin by rubbing the Ever-Burning Lamp. When first summoned, he exclaims"INFINITE COSMIC POWER" and then shrinks and waves goodbye, saying "itty bitty living space." 

Nearby is a large broken egg, a tribute to the character Mork. An alternate version of Robin dressed like Mork with overalls was datamined, so perhaps he will make an appearance here as well.

There are also some stuffed animals and tanks, hinting at a potential tribute to Toys. The third datamined Robin NPC is also dressed like Mrs. Doubtfire.

Finally, a Comedian title was datamined--itcurrently has no source, but it would be fitting if it was tied to this tribute in some way. You can find more screenshots from the original post here.