Warlords of Draenor experience: building my Garrison and getting garrison resources

Hello, everyone. Here I am again to share with you my experience in Warlords of Draenor, but this time, as a Level 100.

Aha, I think I am an excellent leveler. In two days’ time, I was already Level 100. That “ding” sound, I think, is the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. All right! This doesn’t matter any more, for it is Level 100 that actually begins this journey. You all realized it, right? So now I was starting my first step—building my Town Hall. I already owned a level-2 Town Hall while I was doing quests. It was just one level ahead. Not an easy job, though, because I was lacking of garrison resources. I asked several friends of mine. They were facing the same situation too. So I guess lacking garrison resources is common at the beginning. 

The total garrison resources needed for a level-3 Town Hall is 2000. But I only got 1300 the moment I reached Level 100. The next 700 garrison resources cost me almost another two days, instead, I have found out some effective ways to acquire garrison resources. I believe most of you do so, but I still would like to share them with you guys. 

1.      The chest next to your Town Hall provides garrison resources every 6 hours (144 per day. You can keep at most 500 garrisons resources from the chest.) You don’t have to log on every day but still will get certain amount of garrisons resources. You can also look around your garrison, where there are hidden resources. There is a hidden cave below the pond, where there are resources too. And some follower quests yield resources, while the quests themselves consume no garrison resources.

2.      Build a Lumber Mill and then look for lumber. Each order will give back 20 resources.

3.      Kill rare monsters. It seems there are more in Nagrand. You can get at least 15 resources each time.

4.      Doing quests reward followers and garrison resources.

5.      Random raids reward garrison resources too. 

These are my ways to get garrison resources. If you have some other ways, please let me know on facebook www.facebook.com/ssegames, for my Lumber Mill, Barracks and other buildings are still Level 1. A lot of garrison resources are in need. 

At last, I will show you a panoramic view of my garrison.

First impression, please read http://www.sse-games.com/news/my-first-impression-with-warlords-of-draenor.html

Author of this article is from sse team, a Level-100 Mage.