Warlords of Draenor Wild Battle Pets Guide

The Warlords of Draenor expansion releases with 27 new wild pets for pet battlers to hunt and capture. These pets are in most of the new zones and are, in general, level 25 pets with the pets in the starting zones a slightly lower 24. 

Unlike some hard to find wild pets released with MOP (like the Baby Ape), these pets are plentiful and easy to find and seem to have an increased chance at being blue quality. In some zones, the chance at these new pets being secondary pets in the battle is quite high -Frostfire Ridge battles seemed to be entirely composed of the new pets whereas  Talador  secondary pets were mostly old world pets like chipmunks. 

In order to help catch these new wild pets, you can get started on the Menagerie Level 3 at your garrison. An upgraded menagerie gives you a better trap to make wild pet trapping easier.

Pets that are available to be caught in more than one zone are sometimes easier to find in one than another, which will be noted below. 

Wild Battle Pet Achievements

Draenor Safari:  Capturing all the wild battle pets in this guide will award you this achievement. It also rewards Royal Peacock!

Draenic Pet Battler: Battling the wild battle pets will also count towards your 500 pet battle wins in Draenor for this achievement. Earning this achievement allows you to upgrade your Menagerie Level 3 to level 3.

Frostfire Ridge

Frostshell Pincher: Oddly enough, these crabs do not appear near water or coasts but they are everywhere in  Frostfire Ridge. Their secondary pets tended to be Twilight Wasp and Frostfur Rat.

Frostfur Rat: Commonly found near Stonefang Outpost with Frostfur Rats and Twilight Wasps as secondary pets.

Icespine Hatchling: Commonly found near protruding rocks throughout the zone, their secondary pets are Frostfur Rat and Twilight Wasp.

Ironclaw Scuttler: This pet is found only in the parts of Frostfire Ridge that have lava pools and rivers of lava - just be careful in capturing them, the lava hurts! Their secondary pets are Frostfur Rat and Twilight Wasp.

Twilight Wasp: Plentiful near the trees of Frostboar Drifts, with Frostfur Rats as secondary pets.

Waterfly: Rarely found near water, with Rat as secondary pets. These are easier to find in other zones, such as Shadowmoon Valley.

Shadowmoon Valley

Moonshell Crab: Found along the Moonlit Shore with Royal Moths and Waterflies.

Mossbite Skitterer: Found on Socrethar's Rise, a level 100 area, with Royal Moth as secondary pets.

Royal Moth: Commonly found around the zone, generally near trees and grassy areas with Moth as secondary pets.

Zangar Crawler: Found in the Umbrafen with Royal Moth and Waterfly as secondary pets.

Waterfly: Found generally in The Nightmarsh with Royal Moths as secondary pets.



Mud Jumper: Found on river banks, near water, with tons found near Yrel's Watch. Secondary pets are old world skunks and rabbits.

Leatherhide Runt: Found on the plains portions of Nagrand, usually near Clefthoof mobs. Secondary pets are old world  Rabbit and Prairie Dog.



Amberbarb Wasp: Found amongst trees in the Everbloom Wilds as well as a common secondary pet throughout  Gorgrond.

Axebeak Hatchling: A common pet in Gorgrond, with many found in Witherwind Pass. Secondary pets tend to be  Amberbarb Wasp and old world Gold Beetle.

Junglebeak: Found in the air near palm trees throughout the zone. Secondary pets are another toucan and an old world snail.

Mudback Calf: Found near water and riverbanks, with Junglebeak, Amberbarb Wasp, old world Golden Beetle, and Snails as secondary pets.

Parched Lizard: Found near the Stonemaul Arena and throughout Affliction Ridge with old world Beetle and Cockroaches as secondary pets.

Twilight Wasp: Found in the air above Mistcreep Mire, with Cockroaches and Beetles as secondary pets.

Wood Wasp: Found primarily in the Ruins of the First Bastion with Junglebeak and Snails as secondary pets.

Spires of Arak

Bloodsting Wasp: Found in Ravenskar and Veil Zekk with Mud Jumper and old world Adder as secondary pets.

Golden Dawnfeather: Commonly available throughout the zone with Rat and Adder as secondary pets.

Swamplighter Firefly: Found in the Writhing Mire with old world crabs and Rat as secondary pets.

Thicket Skitterer: Found in the Shadowglade with old world crabs and Rat as secondary pets.



Brilliant Bloodfeather: Generally found near demon-infested areas of Talador, with old world Snails and Chipmunks as secondary pets.

Flat-Tooth Calf: Found near riverbanks of inland Talador with Mud Jumper and old world Chipmunks as secondary pets.

Kelp Scuttler: Found on the Northern Coast with Mud Jumper and old world Chipmunks as secondary pets.

Royal Moth: Found in grassy areas of Talador, often near Brilliant Bloodfeather. Secondary pets are old world Snails and Chipmunks.

Shadow Sporebat: Found in the sky in Zangarra with old world Snails and Chipmunks as secondary pets. It is useful to have  Levitate to jump down the waterfalls to find this pet!

Waterfly: Found on islands in the rivers of Talador with old world Spider and chipmunks as secondary pets.