What are you up to recently in WOW?

Hi, it’s the sse Mage here again. I’ve been waiting for group raids all these days, ‘cos it is still unavailable for the CN server. Since last week I hit Level 100, I have been busy with my garrison, during which time, it also reminded me a lot of past experiences. I know there are several things I can do after hitting level100, as we have shared with you in another article here at our site. Anyway, as I am a PVEer (though I would occasionally go to battlegrounds and Arenas, these are only for refreshment in my game time), and group raids are unavailable, I focused on my garrison.


So my routine in the past week is like this: receiving the daily provided resources; making orders; mining; picking herbs; doing regular quests. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing the quests for the legendary ring (My ring is level 680 right now and I’m waiting to do the following quests in group raids).


Now as I mentioned above I have been busy with my garrison, I’d like to make a list of what I have achieved:

Town Hall—Level 3

Barn—Level 2

Barracks—Level 2

Tailoring Emporium—Level 2

Enchanter’s Study—Level 2

Lumber Mill—Level 3

Herb Garden—Level 2

Lunarfall Excavation—Level 2

Fishing Shack—Level 2

Dwarven Bunker—Level 3

Storehouse—Level 1

And, I have 166 garrison resources left.


I have no idea whether it is a good schedule or not building those in a week, after all, I have been collecting resources and leveling all those plots. I decide to visit my friends’ garrison and have alook at theirs. HAHA.


At last, I’m still waiting for the group raids. By the way, what have you been doing after hitting level 100?


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