Will there be female footballers in FIFA?

Before we have known so much about FIFA 15, many players wondered if there would be female footballers and they hoped female footballers would make an appearance in the series. But to their disappointment, there is no female in FIFA 15. When asked if it was something EA was considering, the lead producer, Sebastian Enrique, said they had thought about it. But why female footballers aren’t in FIFA 15?

According to Enrique, EA wants people to tell it what they want in the game; however, when it comes to FIFA, there are other priorities. It is a matter of balancing what they want to build and what they can build and so far, women’s football “hasn’t made the cut”.

Does it mean women’s football will find its way into FIFA later? Hopefully. At least EA is considering making the addition. So for those who really expect for female footballers, there IS light ahead.