WOW experience: Unacceptable things happening in guilds

Nice to be with you again! It’s greeting from the sse Mage. Since raids were available, I’ve stopped upgrading my plots and joined my guild in raids. The experience reminded me of some other guilds I’ve been in or met, as well as some unacceptable things.


Pajamas Ninja Guild—rude and unreasonable

Wow was out of service for two months and when it’s finally available, some had left our guild and joined some other guilds in Winterspring. There was a Mage who joined Pajamas Ninja. As it’s group distribution, once they did raid together and this Mage got the loot Shifting Naaru Sliver. Then what’s unacceptable was that this Mage was kicked out immediately without any announcement and members from PN began to curse him via voice.

This was not all. What’s more unacceptable was that after this Mage came back to our guild (Our leader accepted him because we once were in thick and thin together. There existed friendship even in-game), those from PN should start announcing in Shattrath City that our guild stole their Sliver. OH MY! This was unreasonable. So our leader M theirs, but only got the reply with all dirty words. Totally intolerable! Anyway, just ignore them. There was no need wasting time with them. This guild had been infamous with their rudeness. 


Eternal Kingdom Guild—nosy

One day our leader was recruiting members in Shattrath riding a Phoenix. Nearby were some guys chatting. There should be nothing connected but a bro came out and shouted: “This phoenix is damn ugly! Why the hell somebody is still showing off?”

Oh, come on, man! Was there any problem with your IQ? We followed our leader with 22 CDs and finally we got the Phoenix. Then we couldn’t even ride it? Or…just because it burned you? Sorry then.   

The other guys heard him and said: “No, the phoenix looks good!” Now this bro was annoyed. “Fuck the phoenix. I got a turtle.” GOD HELP ME! Was there even a little relationship? NOPE! A turtle was worth showing off now? Did you want the official site to publish a feature for you? How nosy!

I’d like to name this bro “Winterspring Turtle King”, while his original name was “Gloomy Babe”.


There are still more unacceptable things. Alas! I cherish my game experience and I don’t want to waste my time with them. So here comes my warning: Away from freaks. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!   


(NOTE: Guild name and character name are translated literally.)