WOW: Patch 7.2 PTR Coming and Mythic Keystone Reward Increases

1. With the opening of the Nighthold on Normal and Heroic difficulties, the maximum item level for Warforged or Titanforged items is now 925. Any item that could previously drop at or above item level 895 can now reach a maximum of 925.

Next week, when Mythic Nighthold releases, we’ll be increasing the cap on Mythic Keystone dungeon rewards from 12 to 15 (at 5 item levels per difficulty level). If you’re able to complete a Level 15 Keystone run this week, you’ll have a Mythic 15 reward waiting for you in your Order Hall cache next week.

2. Some hotfixes have been made on class spec. Seems Blizzard is under great pressure from its subs on these changes in Patch 7.1.5. Hope you are more satisfied after the fixes. Also Patch 7.2 PTR will soon start.  Read more here