WOW PvP Season 4 New Rewards to be added

WOW players who love PvP will be happy to hear that new items are being added to Season 4. These include items for Prestige Levels 15-18 and include a new artifact color, a new toy, new mount and a brand new title, The Unstoppable Force.

Players earn Honor as they participate in PvP activities. After Honor level 50, a new advancement path opens that allows players to earn "Prestige", each level also consisting of 50 tiers. At each Prestige Level, players are given items, appearances, toys, title and mounts.

Here are the Season 4 rewards are:

  • Prestige 15: Artifact: New Color
  • Prestige 16: Toy: Esteemed Pennant
  • Prestige 17: Mount: Prestigious Forest Courser
  • Prestige 18: Title: The Unstoppable Force

There is no news on when Season 4 will kick off, though it is likely to begin during 7.2.5 currently set for release in June.

To know more, please check out the World of Warcraft community site.