WOW token exchanging for gold and game time—What’s your attitude?

The WoW Token has been lately introduced by Blizzard. This is a way to exchange gold, real money, and game time exactly like RMAH in D3, and APEC in ArcheAge.

It allows players to:

Buy game time with real money.

Sell that game time for gold in-game.

Buy game time with gold in-game.


How does it work?

Tokens are bought for real money on the in-game store.

Tokens are sold for gold in a special "Token Exchange" in the Auction House.

Tokens cannot be traded any other way than via the "Token Exchange".

Once a token has been purchased for gold, it cannot be sold on. It becomes soulbound.

The "Market Price" appears to be calculated by region. This is likely to mean that tokens are region locked, thereby allowing Blizzard to try to deal with currency exchange issues.

Sellers cannot set a price for their token.

There is no bidding, just an exchange rate calculated per region by Blizzard.


Well, you can sell them for gold if you have less time to farm gold yourself but have real money to buy TOKEN. You canalso get game time just by playing the game, farming gold in exchange of TOKEN if you are lack of real money. It seems Blizzard is trying to regulating the market. But what is your attitude towards the TOKEN as a gold buyer now visiting our site? We still would sell much cheaper gold. And here comes another question: players can’t set their own prices for the TOKEN. Then what about the exchange between regions with different game time prices? And furthermore, you still remember how RMAH affected D3? It ruined the game!!


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