Welcome to Sse-games’ Membership System!

New Customer
☆ You can Register on Sse-games to receive 75 original points before you place your order.
Returning Customer
☆ Please remember to Login to your account before placing an order to enjoy membership benefits.
☆ Please remember to modify your personal information in the Membership System.
☆ If you forget to register to be our member, then please Register again.You will still get 75 original points, but the money you have spent on our site before the registration won't be turned into points and added to your account.
Membership Benefits
☆ Each USD\EUR\GBP you spend on Sse-games can be turned into points. 1USD/EUR/GBP=1 Point/1.2 Points/1.3 Points.
☆ Every member will receive free gold on their birthday, so please keep your birthday valid.
☆ You can save money buy using your points. According to your rank, you can exchange your points to money. The details are as follows:
Member RankICONPoints Rankmemberdiscount
Junior MemberJunior Member0≤ Points < 3001%
Standard MemberStandard Member300≤ Points < 8002%
Senior MemberSenior Member800≤ Points < 15003%
Platinum MemberPlatinum Member1500≤ Points < 30004%
Lifetime MemberLifetime MemberPoints > 30005%